About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is situated on the North-east coast of Scotland, and is the third largest Scottish city with a population just over 200,000.

It's famous for being the Granite City, or silver city, as the older buildings are made from the stone which was mined locally. It's also known as the Oil Capital of Europe because just about every oil company has a base there and the oil industry is a major part of north-east life.

There is also a large student population in the city as there are two universities; Robert Gordon University and Aberdeen University. Also, there is Aberdeen College.

Union Street is the hub of the city. Built in the early 19th century, it's home to many impressive granite buildings.

There are numerous bars and clubs in and around Union Street as well as the four large shopping centres (Bon Accord Centre, St Nicholas Centre, Trinity Centre and the Academy) and loads of other shops, all of which make it a shopping mecca.

Aberdeen is about a three hour drive from both Edinburgh and Glasgow and about a one and a half hour drive from Dundee.



Castle Gate and the sea
Union Street
Belmont Street