Do you have TV/the internet in Aberdeen?
You may laugh but I have actually been asked this on several occasions. My answer is always "No they all live wild in the glens, cut off from civilization, spending their days chasing haggis . . . !"

Are the flights to Aberdeen infrequent?
Not at all. Because there is so many business folks and tourists visiting that part of the world both BMI and BA have about eight flights a day from Heathrow and about another eight from Gatwick. So you're spoilt for choice. The same goes for the train - there's about four direct trains daily from Kings Cross. Otherwise you can take the train to Edinburgh and change there for the Aberdeen train.

Is Scotland next to Wales?
What?!?!?!?! NO - get an atlas (and a brain)!

Why are you getting married on a Sunday - that's a bit weird isn't it?
Well, it's because we've picked a really popular venue and the Saturday had already been booked for that weekend. However, it's worked out quite well as the Monday is an (English) holiday, so it gives everyone more time to get up there, get settled and explore the city.

Where's the best places to go drinking?
Belmont Street is an excellent watering hole as there are loads of pubs/clubs to choose from on that one street. Under the Hammer in Golden Square and Archibald Simpson's on the corner of Union/King St is also good. As for clubs, we like Club Tropicana 'cause it's pure cheese. DO NOT go near Windmill Brae - you might not make it out alive.

Will I understand the locals?
Possibly. The local dialect is Doric and it can be really difficult to understand when you've never come across it before. Sam is just beginning to pick it up himself - but sometimes it still confuses him.

The Dummy's Guide to Doric:

Fit like? Hello, how are you?
Nae bad Very well thank you!
Quine Girl
Loon Boy
Aye, ken? Yes, you know?
Nit No
'at's Fine Wow! that tastes excellent
Stein im Stone him
Faar yi gahn? Where are you going?
Burn 'i Inglish RUN

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